There Goes the Ruddy Two-shoes

Ugh, Bama

Posted by ruddytwoshoes on June 20, 2008

I am dog-tired from the not unusual combination of less than eight hours of sleep the night prior + eight hours of work I truly, undeniably, extremely despise + two hours at the gym, which I really have learned to gleefully anticipate in the last few weeks — highly motivated by that appalling body fat percentage test from the recent past. Definitely NOT the body fat percentage I wanted to see when I am not even weighing 105 lbs on my bathroom scale. I am terribly skinny-fat right now. I am, however, very optimistic, and the husband has been such a great, great, great help with my weight training and keeping my tendencies for cardio overkill in check.

Anyway, everyone’s talking about Obama’s decision to break his promise to accept public funding for his presidential campaign today. That sure gives birth to important trust issues, but there is one article on today by Naomi Klein, which I find to have really mitigated the very little hope I had in the “change” the Obama platform is supposed to create if he wins the presidency.

Yes, Wal-Mart defenders, Friedmanites, and the University of Chicago Boys in possibly the next president’s list of good friends. Yay for the limitless flourishing of wonderful capitalist interests that makes this world such a grrrrand place to live for the majority, right?

I still want Kucinich for President.


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