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Rest in Peace, Del Martin

Posted by ruddytwoshoes on August 29, 2008

Del (in red) and partner Phyllis (picture taken from the KPIC website)

It was a life well spent that ended two days ago. Del Martin, who I also mentioned in this entry, passed away on Wednesday, August 27th — two months after wedding her partner of fifty-five years, Phyllis Lyon. She was 87.

Del has been a strong pioneer for women and gay rights, and her life will be remembered as one filled with passion, action, triumph . . . and meaning.

You, Del, are an inspiration to many. Thank you for everything.


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Posted by ruddytwoshoes on August 27, 2008

I stop neglecting this rusting spot on the Internet and come back with a Youtube video of Congressman Dennis Kucinich speaking at the Democratic National Convention:

Strong stuff…reminiscent of these B.S.-free moments during the November 15 Democratic debate:

It is bothersome how a man like this does not get to sit in the White House. Does America not want a brain with an ability to make perspicacious judgments on what the hell is going on with this country and other nations affected by the vile actions of the United States government?

Obliterate the for-profit MSM presiding over its consciousness, and America will realize it does. I do. And I recognize this man has THAT brain. Listen to him. No twitting over irrelevant UFO sighting stories, no tattling about a first lady with a pierced tongue, no censoring from presidential debates should trivialize that.

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